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New Everything Sherlock Website Contributor

sherlock holmes booksAnyone looking at this website can see that it has been languishing for some time. With a full time job and a thriving gift business on the side I had to make a decision.  Either find another writer or shut the website down.  I remember when I first started Everything Sherlock there was one friend who was very excited.  I was soon to discover that she was even more passionate and knowledgeable about Sherlock Holmes than I was! So over the past year every time I thought about this problem, her name to came to mind as a potential solution, as long as she was willing to try her hand at being a writer.  And she was!  Here is her Sherlock story below:

Introducing Jacqueline, our new writer!

My Introduction to Sherlock Holmes

As a young child I remember my parent’s home having a multitude of books about. Most were medical as that was their professions but there was also an assortment of other books about including “The Wizard of Oz”, The Books of Knowledge and two volumes of Sir Conan Doyle’s “Sherlock Holmes”. These two thick grey old books somehow caught my eye and soon I was reading the mysteries inside. It is entirely possible that my parents or grandparents read these books to me although I have no recollection of that. If they did read to me I am very grateful as the seed was set for a lifelong passion for Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes Book ReviewsThe books have since disappeared somewhere, hopefully to someone who is truly interested. I still remember small print, textured coverings and bindings but most of all the few illustrations throughout the books. The pictures were of the old black and white illustrations, simple yet effective. So that was what Sherlock Holmes looked like, referring to the “beak” like nose, the pipe, the long heavy coat and the of course the deer stalker hat? The illustrations helped, giving an impression of Sherlock moving about as he went about his business hunting down Moriarty or some other criminal. I do not believe there were drawings of Dr. Watson which is a shame as he was an integral part of all the wonderful adventures.

Most of us are familiar with the modern versions from movies and television. I wonder what Watson would have looked like if drawn by the same person who drew Sherlock? The drawings in these books have stuck with me and still give me an impression of who Sherlock is to this day. The illustrations also influence who I truly like as the movie or television version of Sherlock Holmes; many fall by the wayside.

Which stories do I remember most from long ago? Great question as there are many but a few standout from my childhood. Stories such as “The Speckled Band”, “The Hound of the Baskervilles” and “The Valley of Fear” to name a few kept my attention; wonderful memories!

The writing style and the actual adventure drew me in, whether combing the moors for the hound or catching the “assailant” moving through the vents of an old English home. Then there are all the characters within these stories. Dr. Watson of course, but many a lady, strange creatures and many peoples whose lives had been changed by crime all graced us with their presence through Doyle’s writings. It was sometimes very hard to put the story down as I always wanted to know the conclusion.

In my youth I believe I read all of the stories although guaranteed I have now read all and watched many of them either in movies or television.

Thank you to Sir Conan Doyle for creating and writing about Sherlock Holmes. The stories have brought much enjoyment to my life and have taught me many lessons.

Thank you for bringing much pleasure and intrigue to my life.

“The game is a foot”


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