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Sherlock Latest News April Roundup

Sherlock Latest News April Roundup Not sure if I will do this every month, but there sure was a lot going on in April for Sherlock fans!  Here is my edition of The Sherlock Latest News April Roundup!   Sherlock Holmes BBC Actor Dies Although this happened on March 31st, … Continue reading

Sherlock Adult Coloring Book

I Love My Sherlock Adult Coloring Book! Fans of the BBC Sherlock Series are going to love this Sherlock Adult Coloring Book!  I’ve got mine now and I’m loving it! It’s packed with great memorable scenes from the TV series and it even gives you clues to help you solve … Continue reading

The Secret Fiend by Shane Peacock

The Secret Fiend: The Boy Sherlock Holmes, His 4th Case The Secret Fiend by Shane Peacock It is 1868 and Benjamin Disraeli has just become Prime Minister of the British Empire. He is Jewish and thus holds utter fascination for the half Jewish young Sherlock Holmes. Many in England are … Continue reading

New Everything Sherlock Website Contributor

Anyone looking at this website can see that it has been languishing for some time. With a full time job and a thriving gift business on the side I had to make a decision.  Either find another writer or shut the website down.  I remember when I first started Everything … Continue reading

Sherlock BBC Lego Set – We want!!

Sherlock BBC Lego Set Oh yes, make it happen please! That would be so super cool, just imagine constructing 221 Baker Street with Sherlock and Watson and Moriarty!  What a collector’s item this would be! So how did this come about?  Well, I had no idea you could do this, … Continue reading

BBC Sherlock Series 3 Episode 1

Only a few more days till BBC Sherlock Series 3, Episode 1 premiers in North America!  Ok, I’m in Canada and I’ve already seen it.  And it’s not because the Queen of England is still our constitutional monarch, we get no special access to Sherlock or even Downton Abbey! My … Continue reading

BBC Sherlock Series 3 Teasers and Trailers

BBC Sherlock Series 3 Teasers and Trailers Now that the time is winding down to the premiere date of BBC Sherlock Series 3,  pictures, spoilers, teasers and trailers are coming fast and furious! For me here in Canada, the big night is Sunday, January 19, 2014.  For those of you … Continue reading

The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz

The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz My hands practically trembled as I opened to the first page of The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz.  This is not simply one of the many books inspired by Sherlock Holmes or based on Sherlock Holmes or part of the whole Sherlock Homes … Continue reading

Vanishing Girl by Shane Peacock

Vanishing Girl by Shane Peacock A wealthy young girl vanishes in thin air in front of a large crowd of people near Hyde Park and nobody sees what happened.  Even more shocking,  over 2 months after the girl has disappeared and is presumed dead, a ransom note surfaces at Scotland … Continue reading

Sherlock Babies: Would You Do it?

Sherlock Babies: Would You Do it? I don’t quite know what to make of the fact that in 2012, 5 couples chose to name their baby Sherlock!  Five! There are five Sherlock babies out there and presumably a few more that were born in 2013. According to RadioTimes, that name … Continue reading